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About Us

The Chiefs

The Boys in Blue and our world-famous Barbecue...

This is the Trifecta of Kansas City

Let's be Real

These 3 Staples are what Kansas Citians hold near and dear to our Hearts

While we hope these things Never Go Away

We hope they are constantly Getting Better

...Blind Box BBQ

Is Better!

Blind Box BQQ Is

"A Modern Take on The Classic Kansas City Barbecue"

It's Old School Cool

With new school ATTITUDE

We're Not Here to change the barbecue game,

We're here to refine it.

We're Uppin' The Ante • We're Raisin' The 'Steaks'

We're Braisin Some Shanks


To the Blind Box experience

Our Modern Relaxed Interior

Makes it easy to Stop by and grab some burnt ends.

Possibly a crafted

Bourbon Cocktail But

Inside the Blind Box Kingdom sits our single piece of royalty

Lil Juicy

She's our wood-burning Custom Smoker

Provides unmatched Flavor + Juice to all of our smoked meats

Drooling Yet?

Also on the menu




Decadent Desserts

& a whole mess of sides

Some unique, some classic

...All bursting with flavor

Also, we offer a curated wine list

Local Beers & Custom Bourbon

Whiskey & Cocktails to help quench Your thirst

We're Happy to Have You

Whether you're eating in, carrying out, or just stopping by